Conference Program & Presentations

PIP Conference 2016 Conference Program

8:30    Registration

9:00    Opening

Mr. Bishar Hussein, Director General, Universal Postal Union (UPU)

Mr. Adil Zembat, Deputy Director General, Turkish Post PTT
Prof. Matthias Finger, EPFL

9:20    Status of the Global Postal Ecosystem

The speed of change in the postal and logistics sector is overwhelming. This session will shed light on the latest developments and will discuss what the main challenges today are. Are posts well positioned to cope with those challenges and what are the market requirements they have to respond to?

Moderator: Matthias Finger, EPFL

Pascal Clivaz, Deputy DG, UPU
Mattia Crespi, Institute for the Future
Botond Szebeny, Secretary General, PostEurop _ PDF
Peter Somers, SKS & Partners _ PDF

10:15    Innovation Architecture

As posts and logistics providers have to innovate on a constant basis, must closely survey latest developments and trends in ICT and need to implement this new culture of innovation and intrapreneurship within their organizations, innovation management becomes a key pillar in the company’s organization. How can big organization such as posts succeed and how does the innovation architecture of the future look like?

Moderator: Matthias Finger, EPFL

Virgile Bertola, Le Groupe la Poste _ PDF
Metin Turkay, Turkish Post PTT
Carole Rentsch, Swiss Post _ PDF
John Acton, DPI Europe

11:15    Coffee Break

11:45    eCommerce

eCommerce is and will remain one of the biggest growth factors in the postal and logistics sector. How can posts succeed in this highly competitive market? And what are the eCommerce trends that we can expect over the coming months and years?

Moderator: Peter Somers, SKS & Partners, SprintPack NV

Cüneyt Erpolat, Alibaba _ PDF
Michel Stuijt, Eurogiro
Paul Donohoe, UPU _ PDF
David Spottiswood, Neopost & SKS Partners_ PDF
Metin Canci, Turkish Post PTT

13:00    Lunch Break

14:30    Big Data

Data and information are key pillars of efficient operations and customer relationship management. Posts as intermediaries need to build on their information sources in order to increase efficiencies within their network, to predict market developments and needs and to provide customers with valuable insights on those markets. How can this best be done, which data will be crucial in the near future and are possible barriers and obstacles?

Moderator: Bernhard Bukovc, Postal Innovation Platform

Orkan Aytulun, E-glober
José Anson, UPU _ PDF
Marc Schmitt, Evertracker _ PDF
Victor Becerra, Quintiq
Alex van Winckel, Inform _ PDF
15:45    Coffee Break
16:15    IoT, Virtual Reality & Digital Opportunities
New technologies will shape our communication and buying behavior in the future. However, with the rapid advancement of new technologies and solutions the future is closer than one may think. Virtual Reality posts are just around the corner and posts are surprising their customers every day with new solutions and services. When will we visit the first VR post and how will this experience change our expectations and needs?
Moderator: Bernhard Bukovc, Postal Innovation Platform
Mattia Crespi, Qbit Technologies
Freek Smoes, Prime Competence _ PDF
Peter Myles, Escher Group _ PDF

17:00    Autonomous

Today’s customers want choice, speed, transparency and being in control. Posts and logistics providers want to respond to their needs and want themselves efficiency and low costs. A short while ago drones were considered as a futuristic discussion point. Today they are reality and several posts use them in their daily business. Also self driving vehicles are finding their way into last mile solutions. How will autonomous vehicles and solutions reshape the industry?

Moderator: Bernhard Bukovc, Postal Innovation Platform

Keith Cornell, Starship _ PDF
Bernd van Dijk, Prime Competence
Kumardev Chatterjee,

17:45 – 18:15    Closing Discussion

18:30 – 20:30    Reception

Join us for the reception with drinks and food and continue the discussions, network and enjoy a beautiful evening on the terrace of the Hilton Bomonti in Istanbul.