Welcome to the Postal Innovation Platform

The Postal Innovation Platform (PIP) is a unique platform and forum that drives innovation in the new postal ecosystem. PIP contributes to the success of the postal industry in a rapidly changing market environment that creates new needs and demands. An industry and stakeholder driven approach guarantees that the right and necessary themes are discussed and studied. PIP implements a conference, think tank and research platform that is unique in the postal world and shall ease the implementation of new and innovative postal business solutions.


Two Academic Pillars for the Postal Innovation Platform


Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) and George Mason University (GMU) have agreed to closely cooperate and partner in the areas of postal & logistics research and activities and join forces via the Postal Innovation Platform (PIP). 


“We are very excited about this new partnership with GMU. PIP’s  mission is to drive innovation in the postal sector and to bring together posts, innovators and other stakeholders to shape the future of the postal industry. With GMU we get a strong second academic pillar, beside EPFL, on board and plan to cooperate closely on research and other activities in the postal and logistics sector”, explains Matthias Finger, Professor and Chair of Management of Network Industries at EPFL.

“Our objective is to build a strong postal and logistics research activity and to drive discussions on the future of the postal sector. Transformation, digitization and innovation are key characteristics of the postal ecosystem today and we have to discuss and find appropriate answers. Through PIP we can reach out globally and we can support each other in our respective activities, research and events alike”, adds David C. Williams, distinguished Professor at Schar School of Policy and Government, GMU.

“The two academic pillars, EPFL and GMU, will shape the main focus and content of our work and activities, which gives us credibility and a unique platform to research, exchange and provide answers to some of the key challenges posts and logistics providers are facing today,” underlines Bernhard Bukovc, PIP’s managing director.


David C. Williams, Schar School of Policy and Government, GMU

Matthias Finger, Chair Management of Network Industries, EPFL




Partners participating in the platform activities:





PIP is proud to partner with PostalVison 2020 and Post-Expo and together we will strive to engage the postal world in thought inspiring discussions on innovation and the future of the postal industry.