PIP Conference 2015

Postal Innovation Platform (PIP) Conference 2015

From 10 to 11 September 2015 senior executives and opinion leaders of the postal industry will meet in Geneva, Switzerland in order to present innovative ideas and business solutions and discuss some of the most pressing issues the postal world is dealing with today. No doubt, the postal industry is under pressure, but it is likewise fascinating how much innovation potential is unleashed in this process. However, we are not talking about evolution, change or adaptation anymore. What is required in order to cope with the challenges is nothing less that ‘re-invention’ of today’s postal business.

Whatever the future will bring, at least one thing is certain: The customers are still out there. Their needs and demands have changed and will change even further in the coming years, but the posts that understand these new needs and change their strategies respectively will be in a lead position and will collect the benefits of their forerunner status.

The PIP Conference 2015 will focus on six main themes:

Rethinking the Parcel Delivery Value Chain

Posts who want to orchestrate the market and go beyond the role of a mere physical intermediary expand their services along their customers value chain(s). Analysis of cases and strategies with a particular focus on partnering with eCommerce players and governments.

eCommerce / an analysys of where the industry stands

Over the past years eCommerce has been the main focus of postal operators. Posts and industry associations alike have researched and worked on solutions which should respond to market needs. What has been implemented and where does the industry stand today? A critical analysis.

The definition of the postal customer has shifted gradually from the sender to also include the receiver, which becomes particularly visible in eCommerce. Have posts sufficiently adopted this view and what are they doing about it? What are the strategies and business models to give the postal customers a stronger role in defining and shaping the postal service portfolio?


In many parts of the world addresses or postal codes are still missing. Today, solutions and new innovative models exist. Will they bring the break through to a world where everyone has an address? And can these new models and techniques change addressing as we know it today?

Postal Services in the Digital Age

ICT developments have changed the way people communicate or behave. Many postal operators have embraced these developemnts and implemented digital service solutions, either to support their physical products and add value to their services or as stand alone solutions. What are successful business models and what do posts need in order to become relevant ‘digital players’?

Internet of Things / City Logistics

Big data, the internet of (postal) things and digital services shaping the role of postal operators as digital/information/data intermediaries. One area that becomes increasingly important is ‘city logistics’.
What role can posts play? What cases exist? What are the opportunities?

Managing Innovation
The new postal ecosystem requires posts to adopt new managerial styles, embracing the need for constant innovation which can be developed, tested and implemented quickly. What managerial styles and strategies have posts developed in order to cope with this challenge? An analysis of postal innovation offices/labs and the discussion of different management methods.What are the success factors that will lead to a new innovation culture in the postal industry?


PIP is proud to partner with PostalVison 2020 and together we will strive to engage the postal world in thought inspiring discussions on innovation and the future of the postal industry.