Innovation Journey

Partnership activities with IFTF & Qbit


Special Focus : the Future of Logistics
Dive into the disruptive forces and innovations impacting the future of working, living and learning over the next 10 years – with a special focus on the Future of Logistics
Join us for a one day immersion in organization-focused innovation from the Palo Alto based Institute  For The Future’s leading research programs:
● The Ten-Year Forecast, for a global outlook on what is coming in the next ten years and how to prepare and align your strategies for it.
● The Technology Futures Lab, to gain insights on how emerging technologies will impact our life and work in the next decade.
With extracts from the two research programs, the facilitators will explore the highlights of the current year’s IFTF research and outline the key elements that will help participants to better understand which trends and technologies will impact their organizations and thus help them to shape the strategy for the challenges ahead.
Upcoming event:
“Journey into the Future – the Future of Logistics”
8 October 2018, 5-8pm, Hamburg Messe (at Post-Expo)
Register ($ 390): Eventbrite