PIP Roundtable

PIP & USPS/OIG Roundtable Virtual Reality


PIP / USPS.OIG Roundtable
March 20, 2017
USPS OIG headquarters, just outside Washington, DC
– invitation only –
If you are interested in attending the roundtable please contact us at

PIP Roundtables

PIP Roundtable
in cooperation with USPS OIG
Washington, D.C, March 14th 2016

PIP Rountable in cooperation with USPS OIG
“Rethinking the Parcel Delivery Value Chain”
Washington, D.C., 9 March 2015

Download the executive summary prepared by the USPS OIG – “Download PDF”

PIP Roundtable
Fethiye, Turkey, 27 May 2014

PIP Roundtable
Hong Kong, 19 May 2014

PIP Roundtable in cooperation with USPS OIG
“Government as a Postal Customer and Partner: Business Cases & Successful Engagement Strategies”
Washington, D.C., 9 April 2014

-> You can find the summary and output of this PIP Roundtable at https://www.uspsoig.gov/story/government-postal-customer-and-partner-international-round-table-recap#.U-jDivRDvTp

(Issue Brief “Government as a Postal Customer and Partner” by USPS OIG)

The objectives of the PIP Roundtable are to provide the main guidelines for all PIP activities, steering the content of the PIP projects, deciding on necessary research, and discussing key topics of the postal industry in order to identify common projects.

PIP Roundtables are also organized to discuss specific topics in a smaller groups (ideally between 15 and 25 participants), thus allowing a high level of exchange and interaction and providing the possibility to initiate projects and to launch initiatives.

The idea is to bring together the most important players in the postal sector, combine their strengths, know-how, ideas and resources in order to discuss, develop and initiate projects that shall contribute to the future success of the postal industry. PIP Roundtables are ‘on invitation only’.

If you are interested in becoming a partner you will find all information on partnership levels and your benefits in the respective section on this website.